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The Business of
being an Influencer

Online Skills Development
Program For Influencers
and Content Creators

This online self-study course is for Influencers and Content Creators who have already begun to build an audience or following, and want to learn how to work with Brands. It has been designed specifically for Creators entering the Creator Economy, who need to up-skill.

This online program is developed and presented by Influencer Marketing Specialist, Gill Attwood You can learn from two decades of experience in the Media and Marketing industry, on the Talent Management, Creative Direction and Brand side.

  • Define your Niche
  • Set your Rates
  • Approach Brands you love
  • Protect your Intellectual Capital
  • Discovery ways to Make Money

Equipping Creators and Influencers to effectively navigate the Digital Marketing Landscape.

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Photo by @the_stylist_who_shoots
Concept by @gillstrawberrylive
Influencer: @tshepi_mabs
Client: @DelushWines
Hair by @KellyRed66

Flash Course
For Professionals

On-site Workshop
For Agencies and Brands

A swift guide to strategizing, onboarding and managing influencers for brand campaigns. This course is for all levels of industry professionals, looking to add to their professional tool-set.

  • I know we need to use Influencers, but who and how?
  • Is there a difference between an Influencer and a Content Creator?
  • How much budget should go into Influencer Marketing Strategy
  • How do I get in touch with a Celebrity?

This course is for all levels of industry professionals, looking to add to their professional tool-set.

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DJ Fresh2

Image: Number 1 Mageu Campaign
Talent Management: @gillstrawberrylive
Influencer: @djfreshsa
Client: @number1mageu

What is the Creator Economy?

Keynote Talk
For Educators and Parents

We all know that we are preparing our kids for jobs that don’t exist yet. There is a world of opportunity to create a career from your passion, if you understand where you fit into the Creator Economy. Plenty of people are getting this right and making a good living off content creation, whether through gaming, photography, art, coaching, blogging, podcasting and so much more.

This 40 minute talk is suited for parents and educators who want to understand the earning potential and viability of children turning their passion into a career.

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What the graduates have to say

Julia “Bish” Robson

I expected to feel lost, as I usually do, when it comes to my brand “bish”, but now I have so much more clarity as to what I can offer, and motivation to pursue my goals. This is the perfect place to find your feet and get kicked out of the nest, but with confidence and support! 🙂

Julia “Bish” Robson
Professional PC Gamer

Sean “Snare” Rihlamvu

The most valuable thing I learnt was how to create a media kit that is functional and informative, identify and quote on my services, as well as a better understanding of how brands and agencies work.

Sean “Snare” Rihlamvu
Caster, Writer, Model

Kelly Kikx

The creator space can be a really scary industry to work in, with few people you can talk to and trust. Gill has such a passion for creatives, her coaching style is empathetic and intuitive. This course is worth every second and penny put into it. Be ready to elevate!

Kelly Kikx
Professional Dancer

Leigh de Necker

I have been feeling “stuck” in my personal brand growth and felt limited by my lack of knowledge of the marketing industry, and how to professionally serve as an influencer. I now understand my niche and feel confident with my rate card and media kit.

Leigh de Necker
Marine Biologist