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Gill Attwood

Owner of Gillstrawberry Pty Ltd
Founder & Head Coach of Influencer School

With more than 20 years of experience in the creative, media and influencer marketing landscape, Gill Attwood has a mixed agency, media owner and brand background, making her uniquely positioned to share her knowledge and experience, from all these perspectives.

Graduating from AAA, she worked as an Art Director for agency giants, JWT and Lowe Bull, before starting her own creative marketing agency, Gillstrawberry Pty Ltd.

During her decade long tenure with YFM Radio, she conceptualized, implemented and reported on hundreds of “big brand” campaigns, and was one of the early adopters of combining influencer marketing into mainstream media strategies, together with the Radio DJs.

Gill has a qualification in “Coaching for Management” and continues to work with some of South Africa’s biggest celebrities in the media and broadcasting space.



Online Self-Study Course

Online Self-Study Course

“The Business of Being an Influencer” is an online course designed to empower content creators and aspiring influencers with the knowledge and skills essential to navigate the the Creator Economy.

The curriculum is tailored to address crucial aspects for content creators, such as:

  • Where you fit into the influencer marketing landscape
  • Identifying opportunities to monetise your influence and audience.
  • Setting Rates and Designing a Media Kit
  • Understanding influencer marketing contracts
  • Effectively approaching brands for partnerships

Are you committed to growing an online community by sharing your unique skills, knowledge, art or opinion?

You can access this course through the link below and make a purchase directly online, I hope you enjoy this course as much as I enjoyed making it for you!


Accelerate Your Career

Accelerate Your Career

“Book More Gigs” is designed for Content Creators and Influencers who are ready to Book their first Brand Campaign.

This is a 6 week programme, facilitated by Gill Attwood, which includes an online curriculum of essential industry knowledge, private coaching specific to your personal brand and influence, access to the members community group, plus material resources for your business.

The tools you will take with you:

  • A Defined Niche and Your Category Classification
  • A Content Roadmap for Audience Growth
  • A Media Kit and Rate Card
  • Profiles on Leading Influencer Platforms
  • Your Media Kit on File with Leading Influencer Agencies
  • A hitlist and strategic pitch for the brands you want to work with

To work privately with Gill Attwood, crafting your personal brand, learning the media industry landscape and positioning yourself in line for Brand Deals, click the link below.

You will be prompted to Pre-Order the course and make a payment. Because this isn’t a one-size fits all journey, we will work together to structure your unique programme based on where you are and where you want to go.


Membership Packages

Membership Packages


  • Manage your own leads, contracting and payments in-house, while consulting directly with us on rate negotiations, contracts and talent support.
  • Access to Community, Webinars and Selected Coaching Products

Monthly Membership Premium: R950 ex VAT (min 6 months)
• 1 hour Consultation per month by appointment
• Access to the Online Course: The Business of Being an Influencer
• Access to Webinars and Creator Meet-Ups

To apply for Associate Membership, please email me on the link below. Please note that there is limited intake annually, rights of admission reserved.


(Exclusively for Macro/Mega Influencers & Celebrities)

Monthly Membership Premium: R1700 ex VAT (min 6 months) + 20% Commission on Bookings managed through the Agency (Membership Premium reimbursed on months where commission is earned)

  • Personal Brand Coaching
  • Access to Community, Webinars and Coaching Products
  • Full Agency Service:
    Client Liaison
    Lead Qualification
    Negotiating Rates and Packages
    Service Level Agreements and Contracting
    Invoicing and Payments

To apply for On the Books Membership, please email me on the link below. Please note that there is limited intake annually, rights of admission reserved.