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With more than 20 years of experience in the creative, media and influencer marketing landscape, Gillstrawberry has a mixed talent, media owner and brand background, making her uniquely positioned to share her knowledge and experience from all these perspectives. Gillstrawberry studied and worked as an Art Director and Graphic Designer for agency giants JWT and Lowe Bull, before starting her own agency in 2003.

During her decade long tenure with YFM Radio, she conceptualized, implemented and reported on hundreds of “big brand” campaigns, and was one of the early adopters of combining influencer marketing into mainstream media strategies, together with the on-air presenters and Radio DJs.

Gillstrawberry currently serves on the IAB SA Digital Influencer Marketing Committee to empower the media and marketing industry to make better digital decisions regarding best practice and standard definitions for influencers in the digital space. She is regularly invited to lecture at leading advertising schools and entrepreneur platforms and has an online qualification in “Coaching for Management” – consulting with students, young professionals and adults who are looking to make a career move or change.

She continues to work with some of South Africa’s biggest celebrities in the media and broadcasting space on their sponsorship management and personal brand development.

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Influencer & Content Strategy

Creative Content & Influencer Strategy

Conceptual and Creative Digital Content Strategy
(With and Without Influencers)

Influencer Sourcing, Vetting and Management for
Brand Campaigns and Ambassadorships.

Courses & Coaching

Courses & Coaching

Influencer School (6 Week Online Course)
“The Business of Being an Influencer”

One-On-One Personal Brand Coaching
90 Minute focused coaching on your Personal Brand, Niche and Social Media

Agency Coaching:
Masterclass in Influencer Campaign Implementation

“Practical Insight when Onboarding Influencers”

Community Management

Community Management

Content Scheduling, Complaints and Escalations,
Language Monitoring & Page Etiquette enforcement.
Positive Engagements in brand tone, and Competition Implementation.

AyandaMVP embodies the “Red” Delush Wines Variant. Photo Credit: Dawn Frogson


The Business of Being an Influencer

This course is designed to give creators a practical “how to” when considering working with brands to monetize their social media content.

  • How to define your Niche
  • What can you charge for your posts
  • How to approach Brands for work
  • How to measure the success of your posts and report
  • How to read Influencer Contracts and look after your Intellectual Capital
  • Influencer Do’s and Don’t – avoid mistakes others have made

Equipping creators and influencers to effectively enter the advertising and media landscape.

This course is open for creators age 18yrs+

6 Week Live
Online Course

Thursday Evenings
6pm – 8pm
+ practical assignment



Social Media:
What needs to be included in this course to make it worthwhile for you?: *
MoFlava on set / Southern Comfort TVC Shoot. Photo Credit: TwoAM

Practical Thinking when Onboarding Influencers

“Practical Thinking when Onboarding Influencers” is here to help Media and Creative Agencies (Planners, Strategists and Creatives), at any experience level, who would like to answer questions like:

  • I know we need to use influencers in this campaign, but who and how?
  • What does a celebrity cost, and how do I contact them?
  • What is a nano, micro and macro influencer?
  • How do I measure ROI?

Budgeting, Sourcing, Briefing and Managing

90-120 Minute
Agency Level Masterclass

R1500 & R1000